Some memories of the event

We're still feeling such inspiration at all the insights and wisdom so graciously shared at Mujeres, Migration and Money. We know how rare it is to be in a space where the voices of immigrant survivors of domestic violence are centered and uplifted as the powerful examples of resilience and entrepreneurship that they are. Our panelists eloquently broke down the relationship between the fight for worker's rights, immigrant rights, economic security and gender justice.

Please stay tuned for our forthcoming Mujeres, Migration and Money Report and enjoy some pictures of this wonderful event!


Chef Cristina Martínez with Margarita Guzmán and participants in Panel 2.


Margarita Guzmán, Executive Director, VIP.


Chef Cristina Martínez,
South Philly Barbacoa.


Panel 1: Karla Mejía, Rachel Isreeli, Lauren Osoria, Denise Guadalupe Romero and Adriana Escandón.


Panel 2: Kelly Guajardo, Judith Ruano, Lorena Kourousias, Cristina Martínez and Ana Ramírez.


Some participants of Artesanando, an initiative of VIP Economic Justice Program.