Housing for Survivors

Housing for Survivors

Housing insecurity and intimate partner violence are intrinsically linked.

Without a secure housing option, survivors may choose to stay with or return to their abuser. In New York City, a lack of affordable housing often means that survivors leaving their abuser are forced into the shelter system. However, survivors may need more than just housing on their path to recovery -- supportive transitional housing can help survivors regain independence and stability.


Violence Intervention Program, Inc.’s emergency shelter operates as a series of safe-dwelling apartment sites located throughout New York City. Residents are housed anywhere from 90-180 days and receive a range of services, including help filing orders of protection as well as applications for public benefits, transitional housing, and trauma counseling.

Casa Sandra

Our supportive housing program for social change, established in 2005, accommodates families affected by domestic violence who are facing homelessness by providing shelter and supportive services.