December 2017 Newsletter

Dear friends,

With immense gratitude to the 98% of Black women in Alabama who voted against racism and sexual violence this week, and the survivors of the #MeToo movement who broke their silence to create change, we reflect on the hard-won victories of 2017. This is what is possible when marginalized survivors lead.

Join us at the Art of Survival

We are excited to announce our second annual Art of Survival event. This year's theme is Resistance through Art. Join us at the El Barrio Artspace for an art exhibit, food, drink, a little bit of comedy, and more – all in honor of art as a form of resisting violence and healing from trauma.

June Newsletter

Dear friends and supporters,

Happy Pride month! We are so grateful for the many contributions of our LGBTQ and gender non-conforming allies and ancestors. Trans women of color in particular have paved the way for much of the anti-violence movement's gains that we as a society benefit from today.

Defying the odds

With Domestic Violence Awareness Month upon us again, I have been thinking a lot about the ways in which race, gender, class, and citizenship impact domestic violence survivors. At this time many of the loudest voices on the national stage are calling for increased mobilization around mass deportation and “securing our borders”. Even the President was blocked from authorizing an executive action which would have impacted millions of young Americans who live with the fear of having their parent(s) deported.