Skyline view of New York City. Casa Sandra & Morivivi domestic violence shelters provide safety for abused women & families.

Domestic Abuse Shelters for Women

Our residential program (Casa Sandra and Morivivi) offers unique services to help clients at any stage of the crisis and recovery process. It’s designed to give you the time you need to regain a sense of control and stability as you work to overcome abuse and family violence. For more information on safe and supportive housing, call our hotline (1-800-664-5880).

VIP’s emergency shelter operates as a series of safe-dwelling apartment sites located throughout New York City. Residents are housed anywhere from 90-180 days and receive a range of services, including help filing orders of protection as well as applications for public benefits, transitional housing, and trauma counseling. VIP staff members work to ensure your safety and guarantee a plan of action as you move on to the next phase of recovery.

Casa Sandra
VIP’s supportive housing program for social change, established in 2005, accommodates families affected by domestic violence who are facing homelessness by providing shelter and services for up to 2 years. We believe everyone deserves safe housing; Casa Sandra clients live in a secure, undisclosed location where they receive specialized services to help them become stable, financially self-sufficient, emotionally secure, and physically independent. Our children and youth counselors help children of all ages begin to process their own experiences with domestic abuse or family violence.

Clients are also encouraged to participate in the various monthly community and life-skills activities that work to enrich their lives and help create a safety net that may support their transition to independent living.