Cordless phone. Make the call for help from domestic abuse. Emergency domestic violence help hotline

Domestic Violence Hotline: Make the Call for Help From Domestic Abuse


VIP’S hotline activists respond to dozens of calls a day and are specially trained to answer all your questions, provide counseling, and help you find housing.

Emergency Housing
With a direct link to the NYC social services network, VIP has access to several emergency shelters that can offer a safe place to sleep for a few nights or up to several months. Please call our hotline for more information. 1-800-664-5880.

Supportive Housing
Women and children who are victims of domestic abuse and are either homeless or in danger of becoming homeless may qualify for our supportive housing unit. Clients can receive up to two years of reduced cost housing and personalized support to get them back on track. Some services available include financial literacy and economic empowerment training, counseling and group supports, as well as participation in recreational activities. For details, call our hotline.1-800-664-5880.

Referral Services
VIP is well connected to community-based non-profit organizations that offer various types of support to victims. For help with legal, financial, vocational, educational, immigration, employment outreach, health, and other social services, call our hotline. 1-800-664-5880

Crisis Intervention/Counseling
If you are in immediate danger and need help right away, call 911. Living under the threat of domestic violence on a daily basis is not only scary and stressful, it‘s difficult to deal with alone. Our counselors are trained to help victims who feel unsafe in their current living situations. Our counselors will discuss your options with you and help you create a safety plan that best fits your needs and lifestyle. Our team also offers over-the-phone counseling for those times when you just want someone to talk to or have questions. Call our hotline for more information. 1-800-664-5880

Connecting with VIP
By calling our hotline, you are taking the first step toward living a violence-free life. If you would like to learn more about our non-residential services which include trauma counseling, peer and support group counseling, as well as economic empowerment and life-skills building services, VIP will work with you to ensure that you are better prepared to live independently and safely. Call our hotline for more information.