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Community Education and Outreach

Community Education and Outreach (La Voz)

La Voz is dedicated to raising awareness about the harmful effects of domestic abuse and sexual assault in the Latino community, while promoting civil action and community partnerships.The program works on several fronts – informing the public about confidential and culturally appropriate services that community members count on and lends a voice to the thousands of victims and survivors who have faced abuse.

Public Education

Public education is a fundamental component of any health campaign. VIP distributes educational materials in Spanish and English to more than 20,000 people per year. In addition, our public relations and social media campaigns help raise awareness, inform the public about their rights, and share information about the services and programs available to victims.

Community Outreach

VIP works to inform the community about the prevalence and impact of domestic abuse and sexual assault. One of our most innovative programs is called Adelante Mujer, which works to promote healing and recovery for post-crisis survivors. Our team of community outreach specialists, or promotoras, is made up of volunteers who have received our services and want to give back to their community. The promotoras, receive specialized training to do outreach in non-traditional environments (such as bars, nightclubs, restaurants and dance halls), distribute informational materials, and talk about domestic abuse and sexual assault.

Education Workshops

VIP also conducts health and education workshops in traditional settings such as schools, kindergartens, churches, institutions for health care, senior centers and other community based organizations. Workshop topics include:

Domestic Violence 101
Dating Violence
Sexual Assault
Safety Planning
Economic and Financial Abuse
Legal Rights of Battered Immigrant Women

Professional Training

La Voz offers training for professionals and organizations working closely with victims of abuse, including police departments, health providers, child protection services and other social service agencies. These efforts improve victims’ services and allow service providers to more effectively identify and assess cases of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Coalition Building and Community Organizing

La Voz  actively participates in grassroots coalition building as well as larger scale organizing efforts to develop strategic community action plans to stop violence and inequality against women. Our work empowers women and immigrants through public policy reform, especially by eliminating disparities in services for women and the Latino community.
If your organization is interested in sponsoring a training event, workshop, presentation, or creating community coalitions, contact Rocío García calling (212) 410-9080, ext. 161, or by email at